Art as well as fashion, can be powerful forms of self expression. Similarly to how our clothing and accessories can send a message about our personality or mood...the art we select to be a part of our life, reveals and portrays so much about who we are.  Art becomes an extension of self.  A visual symbol that represents our mysterious or soulful or classic or glamorous sense of self and style.  It speaks to us and the company we are in.

It is no surprise that people can become incredibly passionate about personalizing their lifestyle and how to stand out amongst the crowd.  The Art Couture series is a fashion and luxury based art series that celebrates individual and personal style. Each painting is a completely one of a kind statement piece. Much like having designer jewelry or handbags for your walls, these paintings are a luxe and fashion-forward testimonial for any space.  Art Couture is a captivating way to showcase your own signature style within your personal space.