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Sarah is involved in many philanthropic organizations for both humanitarian and animal activist efforts both in the US and globally. Sarah continues to be an active member of the American Art Therapy Association since 2002. She frequently provides community outreach such as lectures, presentations, and workshops on various topics regarding therapy, art and spirituality, and the power of the creative spirit. 

In 2008, Sarah created The Giving Gallery, a Chicago-based organization/art gallery that united artists and musicians passionate in using their energy and talent in making a difference in the world through the arts and social activism. Proceeds generated from the Gallery were donated to various charities Sarah is affiliated with. Sarah continues to donate art pieces and live painting to many non-for-profits and has served on the board for several art and mental health organizations. She believes deeply that art can serve as an invaluable resource when it comes to creating positive change in our communities and within the world we live.