Art is similar to people, simply put, they are not all going to want to talk to you. Once we have accepted this, it becomes much easier to move past art that does not feed our soul, and onto identifying our true art soulmates... or at least the art that was meant to become our main squeeze, roommate, loyal companion, truth teller, secret keeper, lost love, new found friend or any other relationship that can impact our life. Point being that when I am asked to elaborate on how art can change our life and lead to moments of inspiration and healing, I find myself referencing the exact same principles that apply to human relationships and connection. It is not enough to purchase art with the expectation that it will do all the work. You have to show up as well, be present, be brave, ask the hard questions, and jump into the deep end or you will have missed the magic. If we do not build a genuine connection, before we know it we may be giving a very awkward “it’s not you, it’s me” talk.

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Glossed and Found Video: 5 Minutes with Sarah Raskey


Find out how the abstract ART cookies crumble, with myself and the Glossed and Found team at Fulton Market Kitchen!  

"Here is our latest interview with art vet—and blonde beauty!—Sarah Raskey. 

We sat down with the spiritual artist at Fulton Market Kitchen to have some G&F fun. 

To accompany our canvas, Fulton Market Kitchen beverage director Brian Sturgulewski concocted an intoxicating cocktail..... that is just as dreamy as Sarah’s work. 

Cookies provided by Sugar Hills Bakery."




Touched With Fire.jpeg

My piece above has recently found a new home in the beautiful Talbott Hotel here in Chicago! Since its placement, I have been asked to share a little bit about the inspiration behind the creation to help viewers have a better understanding of it.  

Below are a few of my thoughts on "Touched With Fire":

“This piece was born out of my work as a psychotherapy/art therapist working with other creatives. I work a great deal with other artists, musicians, entertainers, writers etc…and we often find ourselves passionately discussing the complexity of the artistic spirit and the creative journey. 

We use art to explore at great depths, the “dark darks” and “light lights” of our lives and our minds… and how this quest for meaning in each moment, makes us human. We discuss how anything from actual art making to just gazing into a piece, demonstrates art’s ability to show us something in ourself on a soul level.  That art in and of itself is inherently powerful, inspirational and transformative…a viable resource and way to flourish and heal.  A gift.  

This piece honors the creative journey, and the resilience and the magic of the human spirit. It speaks to the beautifully complex inner flame in each of us, that we spend lifetimes attempting to understand. Touched by Fire, with both its brightness and dark corners, points to show us that our soul navigation, full of contrast and mystery is ultimately what connects us to one another, and to something so much bigger than ourselves.”

--Sarah Raskey  MA LCPC ATR



Recently, I was asked about my art couture line and the possibility of designing a piece that embodied the infamous Tom Ford.  It was discussed that the piece would have to be ultra sexy, dark, sultry, alluring, mysterious, moody, metallic, black/blue with hints of lavender.  So I created this inspiration board based on Tom Ford's 2014 collections and advertising, which was used as a springboard to start the piece featured below.  The piece is made with multiple thick layers of supremely high glossy finish.