Art is similar to people, simply put, they are not all going to want to talk to you. Once we have accepted this, it becomes much easier to move past art that does not feed our soul, and onto identifying our true art soulmates... or at least the art that was meant to become our main squeeze, roommate, loyal companion, truth teller, secret keeper, lost love, new found friend or any other relationship that can impact our life. Point being that when I am asked to elaborate on how art can change our life and lead to moments of inspiration and healing, I find myself referencing the exact same principles that apply to human relationships and connection. It is not enough to purchase art with the expectation that it will do all the work. You have to show up as well, be present, be brave, ask the hard questions, and jump into the deep end or you will have missed the magic. If we do not build a genuine connection, before we know it we may be giving a very awkward “it’s not you, it’s me” talk.

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Sarah Raskey