Hi, I am Sarah. I believe in the power of art. The kind of art that can change lives.

My hope is to create art that  sparks emotions and dialogue that lead anyone into a meaningful relationship with art, to see it as both personal medicine and world resource. I want to continue to enhance the lives of those who live with my art for years to come- and to connect with viewers who are inspired or transformed by my art, when I am no longer here. 

I was born in Chicago where three generations of my family have lived and worked. I am deeply and genuinely excited by all things that trigger my imagination to run wild. No matter how old I get, I still jump up and down with excitement when something really wonderful happens. I go into a trance when I am around antique and historical findings of any kind. I want so badly to know their story, and entertain ideas about how we are able to talk to one another through time.  I like imagining what life and creating art was like 1000 years ago… wherever it was taking place. Whether it was in a tribe,  in a castle, out at sea, or under the stars. Even at a young age, I was often described as mature beyond my years…an old soul. Somehow, that has never kept me from laughing at the most inappropriate of times.

I have a cat named Romeo, and two rescue dogs, Pierre and McFinnigan. I lovingly refer to this trio as my therapeutic fur circus. Something most people do not know about me, is that I have had a metal tube in my eardrum since 1st grade, which gave me one of my first tastes of what it is to feel different. Ironically, this helped form an ingrained sense of compassion and connection to others. I spend a lot of time writing and making artwork about life, love, memories, fate, faith, the awkwardness of being human, acceptance and seeing the beauty in our selves, and in others as much as possible. 

I am obsessed with time…. mostly, how fleeting it is, and how we spend our time… here.  This sensitivity may come from an accident I was in when I was 13. This life altering experience has taught me a lot about the fragility of life, chronic pain and optimism.  Either way, this relationship I have with time, has been a wonderful source for spontaneity and adventure, and my quest for meaning in everything. I like to make moments count.  I love to passionately discuss, and create art which exposes our connectivity to something so much bigger than ourselves.

I dream a lot. My dreams are extraordinarily vivid, and sometimes in the form of a full blown cinematic phenomenon, of sorts.  When I was young, I would often dream of Native American families, angels, temples, and animals.  Aside from dreaming, I find inspiration for my art in most everything… and everyone! From the look in a friend’s eyes as they tell me a secret… to the color of a feather on the sidewalk… when the sunlight hits it in just the right way.

I am most inspired, however, by the elusive spark of what keeps people going in the face of various life circumstances they have been dealt.  From 2011-14, I underwent a series of extensive and intensive treatments, and subsequent surgeries to deal with an ongoing health reality. During that time, I was often too ill to get out of bed for weeks at a time.  This experience stirred something within me that I could never fully put into words…but that would change my relationship with my art forever.  This experience, was also transcendental in unveiling the true magnitude of my relationship with my soulmate, who would demonstrate a depth and breadth of his love and support for me in every conceivable way... with such grace in the face of much pain.  

I am eternally grateful for the clarity and insight this experience continues to provide for me…with every breath I take. I have always been in awe of the human experience. How our humanity creates meaning, which translates into survival and transcendence.  And, how “darkness”, is just light yet to be revealed in ways in which one could never have expected. 

I have spent the past 10 years teaching the people that I work with in therapy, how to make art that can help them rebuild and recreate their lives. This has been magnificent and intense work. I have spent MY ENTIRE life using my art to heal and express myself throughout my own personal trials and triumphs.  My art continues to be my lifeblood. (insert infinite gratitude here).

Art has taken me all over the hearts, souls and minds of so many other people, as well as my own.  It has been a journey full of creative exploration on a soul level. Working so closely with such remarkable individuals has been both a special privilege and honor for me.  I still believe that art is the closest thing to magic we have.